Take back your weekends!

Client provided supplies


Vacuum cleaner

We don't spread germs!  By providing your own vacuum you can be assured that we aren't bringing outside dirt and allergens into your home!  

Toilet brush

Ewwww, you want your own toilet brush, trust us....

We provide everything else!

We even use disposable towels and disposable mop heads to avoid cross contamination between homes!  Eco-friendly, hospital grade disinfectants, premium glass cleaners, and special "magic" to make everything shiny and fresh!  However, if you have a particular cleaning product that you love, please provide it for our cleaning associates and we will be glad to accommodate your needs. 

Prior to our visit


Don't clean, that's our job!

Please just pick up items (clothing, books, toys, etc.) that may clutter or prevent a thorough cleaning.  

Breakable items

We do our best to be extremely careful with your fragile items, however, the safest way to protect items that are expensive or irreplaceable are to put them away during your cleaning.


We love pets!